Friday, March 20, 2020

Silver Linings

I am a silver lining gal.
I always have been.
Sometimes I've had to
look harder to find it,
but it's always there!

It can be annoying apparently.
Sometimes we just want to wallow -
and that's okay for a time,
we need to lament!

Like many around the globe,
our grocery stores' shelves are empty.
Some people are panicking, hoarding.
A mild headache or sore throat
is cause for alarm.
Last week, I was out and choked on my own spit.
The resulting coughing fit ensued.
I was an island instantly!
It's a scary world right now.

Our city had it's first confirmed diagnosis
of the dreaded COVID-19 this week.
My Lanny Love and I each have a family member
with a confirmed diagnosis.
We, like the rest of the world,
are in self-isolation,
heading toward forced isolation.
Our world is struggling!

We have cause to lament!
But only for a minute!
Because long-term wallowing
is not helpful!
It makes things much, much worse!

So, true to form,
I am looking for the silver linings in all this.

I'll start with groceries.
My sweet neighbor down the street
had an extra bottle of Dawn Liquid Dish Soap.
She asked if I needed it.
I didn't, but I know someone who did.
She left it on my doorstep,
I'll leave it on theirs.

A neighbor had NO toilet paper.
I always have TP.
(Please don't break into my home,
I am running low at this point.)
I gave her a package.

Another neighbor texted this morning
just to check in and make sure we were okay.

I witnessed a pharmacist
give a customer his own personal bottle of alcohol
because the woman was diabetic
and needed the alcohol for finger pricks and shots
and there were no more alcohol wipes or bottles.
He gave it to her.

I saw an old man and a young one
both reach for the last package of chicken,
both told the other to take it.

The middle school daughter of a dear friend
is doing a daily story time on Zoom
to help relieve boredom for kids 
and give weary mom's a break.

Another friend has made it her mission
to find and distribute diapers to families with littles.

Many of my teacher friends are sharing sites and links
to help moms and dads with education.

I am experiencing, witnessing, and hearing about
many acts of kindness, generosity, compassion, and sacrifice.

These are silver linings!

Even the self-isolation is a blessing!
I am an introvert.
That means being in crowds
and social situations
are draining to me.
I need quiet, alone time to re-energize.
My Lanny Love and I are always on the go.
We are with people
every single day of the week most weeks.
But now, we are now operating from home,
using the phone for visits
rather than face-to-face.
We are finding time to rest.
We are reconnecting.
We have desperately needed some
extended quiet time.
I will be a better minister's wife,
     church member,
when this is over and we are free to roam again.

So while I know my penchant for finding the silver lining
can be annoying to some -
as mentioned above,
sometimes we just want to wallow,
and that's okay for a time -
I would encourage you to look around you.
Remember that ALL things pass by God
before they get to us!
And God is good!
So let's find the good in this situation.
Don't miss out on the goodness!!!

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