Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lanny & Gina: A Love Story, Part 2

His hand hovered over the keyboard.
All he had to do was hit "enter".
He'd answered all the questions.
Downloaded plenty of pictures.
Set his perimeters.
It was ready.
He was ready.
All he had to do was hit enter.
And he did.

She had ventured online before.  
She'd had a few dates.
Had made some friends.
Had made some mistakes.
Had closed her dating site profiles.
Said "No more! Never again!"
She'd told God she would wait on Him.
And she waited.
Then God said "Move! It's time!"
But she'd said "No more dating sites! Never again!"
And God said "Move! Now!"
And so she did.

We were "slightly outside" each others perimeters.
But eHarmony thought we'd be compatible.
I looked at his profile and liked what I read.
And what I saw.
(He's so cute!!!)
But I never made the first contact.
I wanted to be pursued.
So I waited.
And then it happened.
He sent me the first in the eHarmony series of "get to know you" questions. 
I checked out his profile - again.
Still liked it.
I responded to his questions and sent my set to him.

Back and forth we went with the pre-set questions.
Then his "I'd like to skip to email" request came.
There was only one more set of questions
before eHarmony agreed we were ready to move to email
but I decided to accept his request to skip to email.
And for several weeks,
we shared our hearts and lives with one another in writing.

I was very careful.
He was very respectful of my need to protect myself.
When, after a couple weeks of daily correspondence,
I revealed that I had not used my "real" first name -
no last name, ever -
he understood and learned the new name quickly.
Then he asked.
"When you're ready, I'd like to meet."
I was ready.

He allowed me to name the date, place, and time.
My safety, first-date place.
Able to make a quick getaway without being followed.

Finally, the big day arrived.
I was excited - and a little nervous.
I arrived just a couple minutes early.
He was already there.
We were seated and began talking.
Three hours later,
we realized the restaurant had closed.
And I did not want a quick getaway!

He walked me to my car.
Told me he'd enjoyed our evening.
Opened my door.
Helped me in.
Shut the door.
And stood there while I drove off.
Keeping me safe.

I was hooked.

But he hadn't asked for my phone number.
Or my last name.

When I arrived home,
There in my eHarmony mail box
was his request.
"When you're ready, I'd like your full name
and phone number."

I was ready!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Lanny & Gina: a love story, Part 1

Two weeks from today.
I will marry my Lanny Love.
And I cannot wait!

Three and a half years ago,
my life fell apart
when my sweet husband, Al,
was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Eight months later,
he was gone.
And I was sure I would never again be happy.

Many of you have followed my journey,
either here, or on my Caring Bridge site.
You know the struggles,
the mistakes,
the determination,
the decision to choose joy,
the acceptance of what "is"
rather than what I wish for.
You have cried with me,
laughed with me,
shook your head and clicked your tongue,
prayed for me.
You have been my sounding board,
my therapist,
my safe place,
my support.
And now,
you are rejoicing with me
in what I never thought would be -
And I thank you!

As my wedding day approaches,
as my anticipation and excitement mount,
I am going to put our love story in words.
So come along with me,
read the love story,
share in the happiness!

"Look, the winter is past;
The rains are over and gone.
Blossoms appear through all the land.
The time has come to sing;
The cooing of doves is heard in our land.
There are young figs on the fig trees,
And the blossoms on the vines smell sweet."
                                     Song of Songs 2:11-13 NCV

Saturday, November 14, 2015


It's been a while.
This fall has been a busy one.
My hours at work have been long.
My personal life has been very full.
Football season and my grandson.
Church activities.
My Lanny Love's daughter's wedding in October
and all the showers and flowers and other
wedding plans and festivities.
Then, on October 26th,
we made it official.
My Lanny Love and I became engaged.
We will be married in just under three weeks.

So, while I have been silent here for a while,
my life has been anything but quiet,
changing yet again.
The love I have for my Lanny Love
has deepened,
and continues to grow.
The closer the big day gets,
the calmer and more peaceful I become.
Radiant is a word that has been used about me
more than once recently.
It feels so good to be happy again!

Our little wedding is coming together nicely and will be just what we wanted.
And our marriage promises to be all we ever hoped and dreamed.
Maturity, experience, and knowledge are wonderful things!

Something I didn't expect during this time
of celebration and preparation
has been renewed grief over Al.
I have thought about him more,
dreamed about him -
something I have rarely done since his death.
It seems odd that in just a few days,
I will be another man's wife.
And yet, I am excited and counting the minutes.
It's a strange feeling.

I often say, "Change is difficult, even when it's positive!"
and that is true.
Some changes are horrible -
the death of a spouse comes to mind -
some are positive -
a second chance at love and happiness.
They keep life interesting!

So, look for posts to pick back up.
But they will be different.
Because my life is different.
And that's okay!