Monday, February 8, 2016

Lanny & Gina: A Love Story, Part 4

Can I just say it?
Loving my Lanny Love is fun!

We fit one another
like a worn pair of favorite jeans
that ride at just the right place on your waist,
hug your hips just right
without squeezing the breath out of you,
meeting your shoe at just the right length.
They are not perfect jeans, no.

They are worn.
They've been through the washer several times.
They are a bit frayed.

And they are the best pair of jeans you've ever owned!
My Lanny Love and I fit each other in absolute comfort!

Before the choice,
we had talked about the phenomenon of our relationship.
Very early in our relationship,
we noticed the deep connection,
the commonality that went far beyond
two lonely, widowed individuals.
Almost from our first meeting
we would both begin a statement at the same moment
saying the exact same words.
We found we had far more similarities 
than differences
in our core beliefs,
our tastes,
our hopes and desires,
our ideas of fun,
our emotional needs.
We are as suited to each other as any man and woman can be.

It's almost as if God had said, 
during His building of us,
"These two will need relief!
They will need comfort!
They will need to deeply love again!
They will need to be deeply loved again!
I will create them for one another!"

There was Adam and Eve.
There was Boaz and Ruth.
And now,
Lanny and Gina.

Once he returned from the wilderness,
our relationship kicked into high gear.
We began attending church together.
I met his parents. 
I met his son.
We became an "item".
And most everyone recognized and understood that
neither of us were individuals interested in casual dating
which meant this was serious business.

We shared even more deeply with one another.
We played together.
We prayed together.
We began talking less about "if"
and more about "when".
And one August afternoon,
we talked about time table,
a couple things we wanted behind us before making it official,
and "if" disappeared all together.
Finally, on Sunday evening, October 26th, we set the date.
December 4.
Just under six short weeks away.
They took forever!!!!

Watch for wedding details in a few days!
Part 5 is on the way!