Monday, April 20, 2020

Offering Grace

I love grace!
I really do!
I have been the recipient of it many times in my 60-some-odd years,
most notably from God!

I rarely post here, or on any other social media,
politically charged comments, memes, etc.
Recently, I have been reminded why.

With COVID-19 has come something worse than a virus.
Fear and panic have come!
These are far more dread diseases than the virus that feeds them.
I am sick with them too.
We all are in one form or another
and in varying degrees.

In the beginning, we were passionately opinionated.
Unfortunately, opinions were often met with derision, vehemence.
I have heard within my own friends list
of people "unfriending" one another
because one thought the situation was overblown,
the other thought it was not.
It made me sad!

Then something wonderful began to happen.
People began to band together,
encourage and support one another.
Neighbors began to share their excess.
The social media posts became more uplifting and funny.
Zoom meetings among friends became the norm.
It made me glad!

But in the last few days,
as some states begin opening
and others are extending the stay-at-home orders,
I have seen the return of vehemence.
Everyone is tired of being stuck.
Everyone is worried about health.
Everyone is worried about the economy.
Everyone is concerned about the political ramifications.
I get it.

But, please, please, please,
let's offer some grace to one another!
I read a statement the other day that really hit me!

Such truth!!!

My boat may be in calm seas ~
Few cases of COVID;
Secure income;
Easy availability of life's necessities;
Friends and family all healthy and safe
I am a contented, happy individual;
I am an introvert and don't mind the isolation.

I may be in a big boat ~
More space to isolate;
Pleasant, safe surroundings;
Plenty to eat;
Plenty to do.

I may have a big crew helping me through the storm ~
Family sharing my home;
Friends checking in on me.

But what if:

My seas are tumultuous ~
Many cases of COVID;
Lost my job, no income;
Wondering how I will eat or feed my children;
I am or I have loved ones who are sick or have died.

My boat is a rowboat ~
Meager surroundings;
Unsafe neighborhood;
No computer, internet, cable.

I am alone ~
I am single;
I am widowed;
I am elderly and cannot have visitors;
I suffer from depression;
I am an extrovert.

The need is so much different!
One is anxious to get out and about,
but they are functioning well.
The other is in a boat about to capsize!

So try to remember ~
perspective is everything!

Those screaming "Let me out!" may not just be bored!
And those screaming "Stay Home!" may have lost someone precious!

I love grace!
May we all be generous with it!