Friday, April 22, 2016

"Cue the deer!"

My Lanny Love and I
recently signed paperwork
making an official offer on
"our" house.
The offer has been accepted
And, rather than "he" and "me",
"we" will soon be home owners.
We are so excited!

The house is perfect,
exactly what we were both looking for!
I had a feeling it was "the day"
when we started on our list of showings
that Saturday afternoon
and my heart began racing
when we pulled into the drive.
When we walked in the door,
I knew I was home!
My Lanny Love felt the same way.
It's "the one" for us
just as surely as we are for each other!

It is located outside of town
on a bit of acreage
in a canyon area.
Our back yard is a "mountain"
and our front yard looks out over
a lovely canyon.
There is wildlife all around.

As we were leaving,
eight deer wandered into our yard
as we sat in the car watching.
I was enthralled!
The realtor said,
"Aaaaand cue the deer!"
It was the frosting on the cake!
And it made me think.

How often God gives us frosting!
It was enough!
He gave up His throne!
He squeezed through a tiny birth canal
into cold, dark, prickly-bedded surroundings.
He endured name-calling
from the beginning of His life
until the very end:

"Mama's boy!"
"Goody two-shoes!"
"Teacher's pet!"


"Rebel rouser!"

And finally,

Unimaginable physical abuse

And His followers felt 
just like we do
when our world comes crashing down!
It was over!
They were lost!
Didn't know what to do,
how to live!
Nothing would ever be the same!

And they were right!
It would never be the same!
For after the devastation
came restoration!
They had to wait for it!
But it came!
And it was more than they could have
hoped, dreamed, or imagined!
It was not the same!
It was very different!

Eternal Life!
The memory of the pain
changed them too.
It gave them strength!
It energized them to the task at hand!
The pain made them appreciate the restoration
all the more!
And that was enough!

But God didn't - doesn't -
stop there!
When devastation hits -
and it will for it is the result of satan in our world -
God restores!
He has given us salvation,
and that should be enough,
but He gives us more!

We are surrounded by the beauty of His creation!
We are surrounded by those who love us!
We are surrounded by His presence in the Holy Spirit!

For me, and for my Lanny Love,
He has given a second chance at love!
But even if He had chosen us to be only widowed
and not remarried,
He had restored us,
given us a will to go on,
people to serve,
jobs to do,
children to love,
grandchildren to cherish!

A second chapter after devestation
may not look like we expected,
but it looks exactly like what God intends!

Then I will make up to you for the years 
That the swarming locust has eaten,
                             ~~  Joel 2:25 NASB ~~

'For I know what I have planned for you,' says the LORD. 
'I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. 
I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.'
                                          ~~ Jeremial 29:11 NET Bible ~~