Sunday, March 20, 2016


March 20, 1976
Happy Anniversary, Alfie!
It is very early on the morning of
what should have been
my 40th wedding anniversary
with my precious Al.

Just as on that long ago night,
I slept very little last night.
But last night's restlessness was different.

Then, it was anticipation,
Last night, it was reflection,
And yet, it the quiet darkness of this early morning,
I am not despondent.
You see, it is another precious anniversary too.
One year ago tonight,
my Lanny Love told me he loved me for the first time.
I find that ironic.
And a wonderful example
of God's power of restoration!
Since my precious Al's death,
God has performed one miracle after another
in my life!
I don't use the term miracle lightly!
In my book,
grief-healing is more miraculous than
giving site to the blind,
clear skin to the leper,
health to the dying!
Emotions do not knit back together as easily as bones!
Having had both broken bones and a broken heart,
I feel qualified to say that!
God's Word is full of miracles!
It is one example after another of
God's love of restoration for man, His creation!
From feeding the 5,000
(Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9, John 6)
to causing the lame to walk
(Matthew 9, Mark 2 & 5, Acts 3)
to calming the storm
(Matthew 8, Mark 4, Luke 8)
Jesus brought restoration and order out of lives thrown into chaos.
And from Jairus' daughter
(Mark 5, Luke 8)
to the widow's son
(Luke 7)
to Lazarus
(John 11)
He brought life to the dead.
When my precious Al was diagnosed with terminal cancer,
my life,
my heart,
was thrown into chaos!!!
When he died,
so did I!!!
Mine was not a physical death, to be sure,
though I would have preferred that in those early days.
No, it was worse.
It was a death of heart and spirit and mind.
My healing,
my restoration,
did not come easily for anyone!
In the beginning,
I was like the lame man whose friends carried him to Jesus,
climbed a house,
dug a hole in the roof,
and lowered him into the healer's presence!
My children,
my dear friends,
my family,
carried me on a mat to Jesus
when I could not walk to Him myself.
In time, I was able to go on my own.
I became the woman with the issue of blood,
just reaching out for the hem of His garment.
And just as He healed in those days,
He heals in these!
And so, today,
as I remember my precious Al,
as I think of the nearly 37 years we spent as man and wife,
as I go through this special day without him,
I do so with rejoicing!
I am able to embrace the memories of the past with a smile,
and embrace the hope of the future with joy,
because that which satan meant for harm,
God has used for good! (Genesis 50:20)
He has restored what the locusts have destroyed! (Joel 2:25)
My broken heart has been knit back together,
and I live again!
So on this dual special day,
I thank God for restoration!
I thank Him for the wonderful years of the past
with my precious Al!
And I thank Him for the wonderful years of the future
with my Lanny Love!
God is good!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lanny & Gina: A Love Story, Part 5

On a beautiful early December evening,
she became Mrs. Lanny Love
and he became Mr. Gina Girl...

...and they are living happily ever after!