Friday, March 20, 2020

A good life together

Today would have been my and Al's 44th wedding anniversary.
I think of him often, but especially on days like today.
But, unlike in the beginning of my widowhood,
now the memories make me smile.
I do not feel sad today.
I feel grateful!

We had a good life!
We loved each other deeply.
We raised two amazing children!
We enjoyed some empty nest time.
We had a very good life!

But while I miss my Al deeply,
while I still love him and always will,
I am very happy where God has brought me!

In the first couple years of my widowhood,
I spent a lot of time with Job.
I'd get to the end where they all lived happily ever after
and it would make me mad!

“Yeah, that’s all well and good, he got new children.
But the first ones are still gone!
It’s not the same!”

And I was right.
It's not the same.
Lanny is not my Alfie.
But neither was Al my Lanny Love.
And I wouldn't have missed out on
either of them for anything!

I understand Job better now.
I understand God's redemptive love and power better now.

So today, the 44th anniversary of my marriage to Al,
I will revel in my memories,
rejoice in my present,
and praise God for His goodness!

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