Saturday, November 4, 2017

30 Days of Thanks: My People, Day 4

Have you ever fallen
in love?
A love that almost crushes you in its intensity
and sudden onset?
An all consuming,
anything for you,
world rocking,
life changing,
pure love?

I have!

I had known love before,
I have known it since.
But never with the suddenness of those two times.
The very first time I held these two in my arms,
I knew.
Nothing would ever be the same!

My little girls have grown up now.
Sometimes they have made me cry in joy -
and anger and frustration.
Sometimes they have made me laugh -
and scowl.
Sometimes they have made me so proud I could burst -
and so disappointed I wanted to shrivel up and die.
But one thing never changed.
In every moment 
of every minute 
of every hour 
of every day 
of every week 
of every month 
of every year 
of their lives
I have loved them with a passion unique to them. 

For a short period of time recently,
they became the parents.
Carrying me when I could not walk.
Feeding me when I could not eat.
Asking me if I was dressed.
Who my friends were.
Where I was going.
What I was doing.
If I had enough money.

And I needed them.
Just like a baby.

But the joy of being their mom,
and in adulthood,
their friend,
soon overtook the need to be their child.

When God gave me these two miracles,
He granted my fondest wish -
And how good it is to be their mom! 

Playing during my "being their child" days.

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