Thursday, November 2, 2017

30 Days of Thanks: My People, Day 2

Today, I want to thank my God
for my Lanny Love.
It is not surprising that he appeared
first on my list.
He is not simply a part of my life,
he is my life!

Three years ago,
I was completing my second year of widowhood.
I was heartbroken.
Lonely beyond belief.
Three months later,
God spoke.
Once to me.
Once to my Lanny Love.
And our lives changed!

Our courtship began slowly,
in writing and pictures.
And research...
Then a first meeting,
texts and phone calls,
a second meeting.

He was godly.
A good man.
And more than a bit handsome.

Time went on.
The loneliness began to dissipate.
My heart began to heal.
Love began to grow.

I did not think it could happen to me!
I thought for a time I could be satisfied
with simple companionship.
But learned I could not.
Then friendship.
For both of us.

He rescued me!
And I rescued him!
God rescued us both!
With one another!
And our love has grown and bloomed 
into a thing of great beauty and strength!

My Lanny Love is my blessing from God!
My dearest companion!
My best friend!
My true love!
My life!

There will never be enough words
to express my gratitude
to the Great Redeemer
for the restoration He has brought
to this broken woman
through my Lanny Love!

"[I] give thanks to God always for you all, 
making mention of you in [my] prayers" 
                                                            ~~I Thessalonians 1:2 ~~

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